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We do it all from Review to Loan Closing


The first step is to determine if the proposed loan fits the guidelines of the USDA. Our 30+ years of experience makes this process simple to determine if the loan "fits" USDA guidelines and if there are adjustments that can be made to achieve the desired outcome. We also understand your lenders requirements that need to match up with your underwriting policies and loan limitations.

Information Gathering

GLS has developed processes and procedures that insures the information gathered will lead to a complete and successful submission to USDA.

Application Submission

At GLS we are experts at preparing a complete loan application for USDA review and approval. Credit and loan closing documentation preparation can be difficult but as your USDA back office and trusted advisor, we will handle the gathering of required information. We will make sure the process moves along as fast as possible.

Loan Closing

The USDA closing process requires expertise most organizations do not have in-house. Our team assists the lender throughout the process to ensure that your borrower’s loan closes without hassle. In addition, GLS will assist the lender in obtaining the documentation necessary to sell the guaranteed portion of the loan into the secondary market.

Greg O'Donnel, Partner
12020 South Braden Ave.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74521
Phone: 1-918-369-8516 Ext. 1
Email: grego@glsusda.com

Patrick W. Kenney, Partner
6 Penfield Drive
Kennebunk, Maine 04043-7363
Phone: 1-860-803-7598
Email: pat@glsusda.com

DeWitt Ray, Partner
7236 Stonetrail
Dallas, TX 75230
Phone: 1-214-914-4444
Email: dewitt@glsusda.com
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