We Are America's Leading Authority On Guaranteed Lending

Helping banks and borrowers to achieve their financial needs.

GLS understands the process of government guaranteed lending including how to navigate the complicated rules and regulations while meeting the lenders requirements and satisfying the needs of borrowers.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the commercial and government lending industry, Guaranteed Lending Specialists (GLS) is America’s leading authority on Federally guaranteed lending. Unique to GLS, our clients are both lenders and borrowers for which we have successfully originated hundreds of millions of dollars of transactions throughout the U.S.

How We Work With Lending Institutions

In today's competitive environment, lending institutions need a strategy that helps prevent their loan services from becoming a commodity item. Guaranteed lending programs can be a powerful means to prevent this from happening, with the potential of generating significant profit. Yet, the process can be time-consuming and complex.

GLS works with lenders as an “outsourced loan officer and analyst” to guide them through the process, including the sale of the guarantee loan in the secondary market.

How We Work With Our Borrowers

GLS is a relationship-driven company focused on achieving the best results for our borrower clients. We work to understand our client's organization and company culture. We research the client's industry to better understand the business issues they face and then we advise our customer about the best way to proceed to meet their expectations.

At GLS our goal is to function as an adjunct part of our client's management team and to provide insight and value that leads to improved planning and profitability.

Our Clients

At Guaranteed Lending Specialists, we are extremely proud of the long-standing relationships we share with our clients. Following are representations of just a few of our many transactions.

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Our Firm

Our team includes a vast background of CEO's, CFO's, banking experts and entrepreneurs.


Greg O-Donnell

Greg O'Donnell

Founding Partner

Patrick Kenney

Patrick Kenney

Founding Partner


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