In today's competitive environment, lending institutions need a strategy that helps prevent their services from becoming a commodity.

Guaranteed lending programs can be a powerful means of doing so, while generating significant profit for the institution. Yet, the process can be time-consuming and complex. We work with lenders as the equivalent of an "outsourced loan officer and analyst" and guide our lending clients through the entire process, including the sale of the guarantee in the secondary market.

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meetingYour partner in developing tremendous profits via guaranteed lending while providing a Specialized Loan Program that other lenders in your area will not be using. This creates a unique product offering that sets your organization apart from others and allows you to retain relationships and to meet the growing needs of clients while dramatically increasing your bottom line. These unique products can provide your institution with new lending opportunities, substantial competitive advantages, reduced risk and a significant increase in returns with no increase in overhead.

Benefits To Using Guaranteed Lending Programs:

Now Is The Time To Implement Guaranteed Lending

With The Assistance Of Guaranteed Lending Specialists

*Excerpt from communications from Ohio USDA Office for information purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement, recommendation, or favoring of this program, GLS or any of our team members by the United States Department of Agriculture.

"I've worked with Greg O'Donnell and team at the Guaranteed Lending Specialists for over eight years and all I can is - You'd be a fool not to hire them to assist your bank. When I first met them, I had no knowledge about the USDA Guaranteed Loan programs. Today, I'm known as the 'most profitable lender' at our bank. GLS will help you find deals, structure them, mitigate risk and negotiate the sale in the secondary market. I highly recommend them for anyone entering into this profitable and rewarding area of lending. It really is a banking secret."

Joe Geisler, Guaranteed Loan Specialist
Ameristate Bank